The GECKO Winter School has started! The virtual event, hosted by the University of Strathclyde, will take place on five days spread over two weeks. ESR’s that are in local proximity to each other will even be able to meet in person, to bring our team as close together as possible.

Throughout multiple training sessions, our ESR’s will learn about different research methodologies, which will be the foundation of their upcoming research. In a number of collaborative mini-projects, they will plan GECKOS’s cross-national online questionnaire survey and GECKO’s living labs, among other things.

In this first larger networking event, ESR’s will get the opportunity to discuss their early research plan with other ESR’s and supervisors, to identify common themes, goals and data requirements.

Furthermore, ESR’s will get the chance to meet with the secondment hosts in seminars and discussions with the industry. The goal is to create a project communication plan to stakeholders, schools and the public.

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